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The Way to Can Roadrunner Mail Setup?

Hi there.  Now in this blog post, we'll discuss how to configure Roadrunner email settings on any device.  Let us begin with only a little introduction. Most of us recognize the Roadrunner email is a brilliant email service that's acquired and handled by Time Warner Cable. Email support only when you're a current Time Warner Cable customer.  A proper and effectual Roadrunner email setting is able to assist you to work flawlessly with your everyday activities.  You can resolve Roadrunner email password reset problems on our portal site.  

Roadrunner Email IMAP Server Settings:

Step 1. Primarily, Open the email Application on your System

Step 2. Input your Roadrunner email credentials details (Email address and Password).

Step 3. Opt for the manual setup option and uncheck the"Automatically Configuration" option. 

Step 4.  Select IMAP server settings for Roadrunner email and follow the below give setup - 

Step 5.  Select Account Type “IMAP”

Step 6.  Incoming Server:

Step 7.  Incoming mail server interface: 143

Step 8.  Pick the Security Form: SSL/TLS

Step 9. Outgoing Server:

Step 10.  Outgoing Mail Server Port:587

Step 11.  Security Type: None

Step 12.  Insecure Port: None

Step 13.  Type Roadrunner email id in the email area. 

Step 14.  Uncheck Option: secure server

Step 15.  Uncheck Choice: confirmed certificate

Step 16.  Input complete Roadrunner email & password and press 'Next'. 

Step 17.  Now you have to provide which account name, that wants to appear on the display on your own body.

Step 18.  Then Hit on the"Done" alternative.

Roadrunner Email POP Server Settings:

Step 1.  Open Roadrunner webmail on the device and Choose the"settings" alternative 

Step 2.  Go to the manual server settings and choose POP Settings from there

Step 3.  Make account settings kind as POP

Step 4.  The incoming email is

Step 5.  The incoming server port type is POP3 along with the interface number is 995.

Step 6.  Security type: None

Step 7.  The outgoing mail server (SMTP) is

Step 8.  The outgoing server port is 587.

Step 9.  Again Pick Security Type: None

Step 10.  Eventually, for your incoming and outgoing user name enter your full email id followed by your email address. 

Step 11.  Now Hit the"Done" button.  Your Roadrunner email POP server settings have been successfully configured.  

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